Typical Fees for Graduate Students

In addition to tuition, the University of Minnesota charges fees that support the cost of non-academic services provided by the University. Below is the list of fees that appear on most graduate student bills. Certain registration categories (e.g, advanced status, Grad 999) are exempt from some or all of these fees. For any additional questions, please contact the UMD Grad Office. Please note that these are estimates only, and the total amount will vary by each student's individual circumstances.


2022-23 Amount
(per semester)

Collegiate Fee (for of 6 or more credits)










Academic Records Fee (one-time fee in first semester)


Student Services Fee

Athletics Fee

Transportation Fee

Capital Improvement Fee





International Student Fee (international students only)


Student Insurance Fee (required if not covered by another approved plan)

     Student Health Benefit Plan

     Graduate Assistant Health Plan (for GAs on appointments of 25% time or greater)





Course Fees

Vary by courses taken.

The total cost will vary for each student. Here are some examples:

  • International SCSE student with a GA appointment and GA Health Plan 
    (not including $150 Academic Records Fee billed in first semester only)

  • Domestic CEHSP student without a GA appointment and with Student Health Plan
    (not including $150 Academic Records Fee billed in first semester only)


(per semester)



(per semester)

Other fees (e.g., parking pass, late fees) vary by student, and may be viewed on the One Stop Student Services Fees page.