For Prospective Students


Thank you for your interest in graduate study at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), where we're Driven to Discover.

We have a broad array of graduate and professional programs, from the liberal arts, to the sciences, engineering, the fine arts, education, and business, spread across four collegiate units, as well as the schools of medicine and pharmacy. 

Our graduate and professional student enrollment is just over 1100 students, with the total campus student enrollment just under 12,000. We are just the right size to be sufficiently large to have the advantages of a research university, yet sufficiently small to ensure you get the personal attention necessary to realize your full potential. 

We have faculty who are outstanding scholars or artists in their disciplines, and who also love to teach and mentor students. Nearly all faculty do have responsibilities at the undergraduate level as well, but our graduate programs are small enough that the ratio of faculty to graduate students is very low in nearly all our programs, often two students or fewer per each faculty member in the program. 

The campus has added a significant number of buildings in the last decade and we have some truly wonderful labs, facilities, and performance spaces.

All this, and we live in a location with a great view of a Great Lake—Lake Superior contains 10% of the world’s fresh water. The north woods that surround campus abound in opportunities for recreation and relaxation to recharge for the rigors of your graduate education.