Degree Completion Steps

In addition to meeting the academic requirements of your degree, there are a number of administrative steps that you must follow in order to receive your degree. These steps must be completed in a specific order, and access to the next step is contingent on completion of the prior step. Your graduate program may have additional requirements and program-specific timelines for completion of each step.

Requirements by degree

All UMD master's and doctoral students must submit a Graduate Degree Plan (GDP). UMD programs do not yet use the GPAS system mentioned in the guides below. Students in the following UMD degree programs should contact their program for information about degree completion steps and deadlines:  M Ed, MEEd, MEHS, MPS, MEng, MTAG, and MTRES. These programs follow some, but not all, of the steps indicated in the guides.

Students in all other UMD graduate programs should refer to the guide for their degree type linked below to learn about the required steps and to access the forms needed for degree completion (reviewers' report form, final exam form, signature page & deposit agreement). The graduation packet is retired effective September 1, 2021, and links to the needed forms are now available in the degree completion guides below.

Master’s degrees

Doctoral degrees

Active status

All graduate students are required to maintain active status by registering every fall and spring term until their degree is awarded. There may be a time when you need to register solely to meet the registration requirement and avoid inactive status. Special registration categories are options for keeping your graduate student status active.

Time limit for degree completion

Students admitted prior to spring 2013 adhere to a different set of policies. Please contact your graduate program, the UMD Graduate Office, or GSSP for more information.

If you need additional time for your degree, please consult with your program about submitting a Doctoral or Master's Request for Extension to the Maximum Time Limit form.

Plan A Thesis/Dissertation Formatting

More information on formatting can be found on the GSSP page on the UMTC One Stop site.
     This page includes links to Graduate School formatting requirements, and the link to upload thesis or dissertation to ProQuest.

Plan B Paper Submission

How to deposit your Plan B Paper to the Digital Conservancy