Withdrawal Process

Students considering withdrawal should complete the following steps:

1) Speak to your advisor or program DGS to discuss whether taking incompletes or a leave of absence instead of a withdrawal is a better option.

2) If receiving financial aid, contact One Stop ([email protected]) to learn about the implications of a withdrawal on any financial aid that has been disbursed. It may need to be paid back. Exit counseling is also required.

3) If covered under a University insurance plan (Graduate Assistant Plan or Student Health Benefits Plan), contact the Office of Student Health Benefits to determine your status. If you are covered under a private plan and are no longer a student, you may wish to contact the private health plan carrier to discuss implications. 

4) International students must consult with the International Student Services (ISS) office if planning to withdraw. 

5) If you decide that withdrawal is your best option, then you should drop all classes to avoid receiving a grade of "F". Refunds for dropped classes follow the cancel/add deadlines. If there are extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible to petition for a tuition refund

6) To be formally discontinued from a graduate program after dropping all classes, you should send a request to the Graduate Office ([email protected]) from your University email address, and include the following information:

-Student ID #
-degree and program name (e.g., MBA, Chemistry M S)
-effective term of withdrawal (e.g., current term or future term)