Graduate School Policies

University-wide Graduate Education Policies

Please be sure you are familiar with these Graduate Education policies.

Adding, Changing, or Discontinuing Academic Plans

     UMD Curriculum Management Information and Procedures

Admission for Master's and Doctoral Degrees

Application of Graduate Credits to Degree Requirements

     Procedure for Career-to-Career Transfers  (for transferring credit between academic levels, e.g., UGRD > GRAD)

Appointments as Director of Graduate Studies

     UMD Process (Approved 4/19/2011)

Course Numbering (UMD Policy Library)

Credit Requirements for Master's and Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degree: Completion

Doctoral Degree: Performance Standards and Progress

Grading and Transcripts (UMD Policy Library)

Graduate Advisor and Examination Committee Membership: Eligibility Requirements

     UMD Process for Appointments to the Graduate Faculty (revised Spring 2024)

     Appointing Members External to the University to Graduate Examination Committees - UMD process guide

Leave of Absence and Reinstatement:  Graduate Students

Maintaining Active Status

Master's Degree: Completion

Master's Degree: Performance Standards and Progress

Post-baccalaureate Certificate Plans Approved by the Board of Regents

Readmission or Changes to Doctoral or Master's Degree Objectives

University-Administered Graduate Student Fellowships and Traineeships

Graduate Assistant Policies

Graduate Assistant Employment

     Tuition Benefits

English Language Proficiency Requirements for Teaching Assistants