Master's Committee Rules

Most graduate programs require that committee members have Graduate Education Responsibilities (GER) in the field they represent (major field or minor/outside of the major field). Advisors and committee members must also meet college-specific requirements to carry out graduate education responsibilities.

Check here to verify that faculty have GER in the major field and/or minor/outside of the major field.

Final Examination Committee Composition:

The final examination committee must consist of at least three members, including the advisor/s. The student and all members of the committee must participate in the final examination.

  • At least one member must represent a field outside the student's major field.
  • If the student has a declared minor(s), the outside member(s) must be from the minor field(s).
  • Members cannot satisfy the requirement with respect to more than one field.


  • Must represent the major field on the examination committee.
  • May serve as chair for the final examination.

Co-advisor (if any):

  • May represent the major field or the outside/minor field.
  • May serve as chair for the final examination.

Thesis reviewers (Plan A only):

  • Assigned committee members also serve as reviewers for the Plan A thesis.