Applying for Readmission

University policy requires that students maintain active status in their program by registering every fall and spring semester until their degree is awarded. Active status is required for registration and access to graduate education online forms (e.g., committee assignment, final exam, etc.) Students whose active student status in a U of M graduate program has been discontinued must apply for readmission. 

There are two types of Readmission Applications. The "Express Readmission" option is available to applicants who are resuming the same degree and major in which they were previously enrolled, with program approval. A $75 readmission fee may be required. Programs may require a new application, particularly for students wishing to return after a long absence.  Applicants wanting to return to a different major or degree level must submit a new application, and pay the application fee

Instructions for each type of readmission application are available on the Graduate Admissions Readmission page.

Readmission:  Things to Consider

  1. Before submitting an application for readmission, be sure to contact your program to discuss whether you are eligible for readmission, and any conditions that may be attached. For example, students who are returning after a long absence may be required to take additional coursework or repeat courses. 
  2. If eligible for readmission, discuss whether you should submit the express readmission application, or the full graduate application.
  3. Students returning after their time limit to degree has expired must submit a Time Limit Extension Request, even if submitting a full graduate application.

Note – if you are currently registered for Grad 999 or if you registered for any class this semester and then canceled your registration, you are still considered a current student. and do not need to submit a readmission application for next semester.

If you are on an official leave of absence from your program, readmission is not required. Contact your graduate program for help returning from a leave.