Grad Ed Forms

    Many of the forms linked below are specific to graduate education. Forms related to financial aid and student accounts are available on the One Stop Forms page.

    Degree Progress

    • Graduate Degree Plan (ALL graduate students. Please print double sided - no staples. DO NOT INCLUDE page 3 unless necessary)
      • Submit at least one semester before you intend to graduate.
      • Transfer coursework between careers (e.g., UGRD to GRAD). Visit the One Stop Forms Page and search for "Career". Choose the appropriate form for the type of transfer. Note: the GRAD to UGRD form is for the UMN TC students only. Contact the Grad Office ([email protected]) with any questions.
    • Graduate Student Petition Form (For minor changes to Graduate Degree Plan. Submit a Revised GDP if there are major changes, e.g., change of plan type, many coursework changes.)

    Degree Completion


    • Commencement RSVP (Log in to confirm or update your Commencement RSVP, even if you do not plan to attend the Commencement Ceremony. The deadline to RSVP was March 7, 2022. Names received after this date may not be listed in the printed Commencement program.)

    Special Purpose