Travel Support

Request for Graduate Student Travel Support

The Graduate School encourages graduate students to present at conferences as part of its mission to deliver high-quality graduate-degree programs that foster students' advanced academic and professional development (Strategic Plan:  Campus Goal 3). To this end, students may apply for funds to be used in partial support of travel for the dissemination of their scholarly or artistic contributions associated with their graduate studies at UMD, or for research in certain cases. Examples include presentation of research from a thesis or project paper at an academic conference, or travel for performance as part of a Master of Music degree program. It is expected that the student will attempt to secure other support for travel through their advisor, program, department, and college.

What to do:

  1. Download and fill out the form.
  2. Email it as an attachment to the Director of Graduate Studies in your program​, and request approval/support​. Use "Travel Support Request" in your subject line.
  3. ​If approved, t​he DGS will forward the attachment​ ​to​ Erik Brown ([email protected]),​ the Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education and Research at UMD, and the Graduate Office ([email protected]), also using "Travel Support Request" in the subject line. 
  4. The AVC will reply to the DGS and the student with a decision. Travel funding is generally not approved for attendance only; students must be presenting their work. 
  5. If ​approved, the funds will be transferred to your program office, and you will work with staff there to request reimbursement of expenses up to the awarded amount.

Note:  Use of University funds for travel must be in compliance with University Policy. Traveling internationally on University business requires registration of the travel.

Per diem rates may be found here.