Transcripts and Credentials

Note:  This information is for applicants or current students in master's or doctoral programs only. If you are a student seeking a bachelor's degree, please visit the undergraduate admissions pages.

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Do I need Transcripts/Academic Records/Credentials to Apply to Graduate School?

Yes. Transcript/Academic Record/Credential instructions are for all applicants, both domestic and international.

  • When applying for admission, you will need to upload unofficial transcripts/academic records/credentials. Sign in to the online application to upload unofficial records from each college-level institution you have attended. Please include all incomplete or partial academic records. Transcripts for college credit earned before high school graduation do not need to be provided.
  • Do not submit official transcripts/academic records/credentials with your application, and do not send official documents until requested.
  • If you are an international applicant and have additional questions or concerns, please visit the International Student Resources Page.

Tips for Uploading Your Unofficial Transcripts/Credentials

  • Names - Make sure your name and the institution's name are visible on your transcript/academic record/credential.
  • Clarity - If your documentation is an electronic scan of a paper version, please ensure that all content is legible.
  • Translations - International transcripts/academic records/credentials (e.g. marksheets, diploma supplements. etc.) should include both the original language and an English translation. Provide a copy of the original language diploma if a degree was conferred.

When are Official Transcripts/Credentials Required?

You will need to provide official transcripts/academic records only after you are admitted to a graduate or professional program. If admitted, an official transcript/credential must be sent to the Graduate School Admissions Office as an official document, issued by the original institution. It is your responsibility to request official transcripts/credentials from the original institution.

  Unofficial University of Minnesota transcripts retrieved from MyU are considered official and can be sent to [email protected]. Current and former UMN students do not need to order official UMN transcripts.

University officials may contact institutions directly to verify official documents. If we are unable to verify the student's transcripts or credentials, the University reserves the right to drop the student from active status and may refer the matter to the appropriate authorities. 

International Credentials

Please visit the University of Minnesota Graduate Admissions Office Official Transcripts & Credentials page for details on submitting official transcripts and credentials from international institutions.

Send Transcripts & Credentials to the Correct Office

Official transcripts/credentials must be sent to: 

Graduate School Admissions Office
University of Minnesota
Attn: Duluth Transcripts
309 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant St. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0421

Electronic transcripts issued by the institution or a transcript service may be sent to:  [email protected]

Be careful that your documents are not routed to Undergraduate Admissions. Specify the Graduate School Admissions Office on the Twin Cities campus for both Twin Cities and Duluth graduate programs.