Chinese Transcripts

Note:  This information is for applicants or current students in master's or doctoral programs only. If you are a student seeking a bachelor's degree, please visit the undergraduate admissions pages.

Uploading Transcripts from Mainland China

  • Applicants with transcripts from mainland China must submit transcripts in both English and Chinese We ask that you upload both versions to your on-line application. 
  • In some cases, one transcript will display both languages.  This is sufficient for our purposes.
  • Please DO NOT upload copies of your Diploma or Diploma certificates at this time.  Wait until this information is specifically requested.  Only upload your transcripts at this time.


  • If your transcript is an Excel or other type of spreadsheet, it is likely to become unreadable when you upload it.  
    • Convert the spreadsheet to a PDF, or take a screen shot of the document and paste it into a Word document.
  • Additional information about uploading transcripts is linked here.
  • If you have technical problems uploading your documents, please contact the central Graduate School Admissions Office.