About the Packet

M.EdMEEdMEng, MEHSMPS, MTAG, and MTRES students, please contact your graduate program director or coordinator for degree completion instructions.

All other students, the Graduation Packet has been retired. Please visit the Degree Completion Steps page for access to the forms and instructions for your degree type. These include:

  1. Instructions on how to 'Apply to Graduate' through your MyU Portal.
  2. Reviewers' Report Form - electronic form
  3. Master's and Doctoral Final Exam Form - electronic form
  4. Thesis/Dissertation Approval & Deposit Agreement - The Signature Page & Deposit Agreement are now combined into one electronic form
  5. Thesis Formatting & Submission Guidelines

Before you can access the forms needed for your defense and degree completion, you must have completed certain degree requirement steps. You must also be in active student status. If you have been discontinued, you must be readmitted to your program in order to proceed.

Thesis Formatting:

More information on thesis formatting can be found on the GSSP page on the UMTC One Stop site.
     Includes links to the formatting guidelines, and the link to upload thesis or dissertation to ProQuest.