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American Indian Studies (minor & post-bacc certificates) Rebecca Webster 110G Cina 8771 [email protected]
     Coordinator   116 Cina 7332  
Applied Materials Science (MS) Mary Christiansen 109 SCiv 7810 [email protected]
     Coordinator Jen Johnson 126 HCAMS 8832 [email protected]
Business Administration (MBA) Ariuna Taivan 330M LSBE 8496 [email protected]


Daisy Wallace

Shanna Lunasin





[email protected]

[email protected]

Chemical Engineering (MSChE) Michael Rother 223 Engr 6154 [email protected]
     Coordinator RaeAnn Jones 176 Engr 7126 [email protected]
Chemistry (MS) Kathryn Schreiner 202 HCAMS 7857 [email protected]
     Coordinator Jen Johnson 126 HCAMS 8832 [email protected]
Civil Engineering (MS) Nate Johnson 105 SCiv 6435 [email protected]
     Coordinator Sanna Shields 221 SCiv 6444 [email protected]
Communication Sciences and Disorders (MA) Dana Collins 189 Chester Park 7974 [email protected]
     Coordinator Michelle Tessier 182 Chester Park 7974 [email protected]
Community College Teaching (certificate) Eric Torres 157 EduE 7233 [email protected]
     Coordinator Jen Johnson 156 EduE 7592 [email protected]
Computer Science (MS) Arshia Khan 327B Heller Hall 7971 [email protected]
     Coordinator Lori Lucia 320 Heller Hall 7678 [email protected]
Earth Science (MS) Byron Steinman 109 RLB 7435 [email protected]
     Coordinator Erinn Rasmusson 229 HH 8385 [email protected]
Education (MEd) Alyssa Boardman 122 EduE 8172 [email protected]
     Coordinator Michelle Toven     [email protected]
Education - Teaching and Learning (EdD) Julie Ernst 126 EduE 8241 [email protected]
     Coordinator Kim Habig 431 Darland 7523 [email protected]
Electrical Engineering (MSEE) Jiann-Shiou Yang 272 MWAH 6290 [email protected]
     Coordinator Shey Peterson 271 MWAH 6830 [email protected]
Engineering, Professional Master's (MEng) Michael Rother 223 Engr 6154 [email protected]
     Coordinator RaeAnn Jones 176 Engr 7126 [email protected]
English (minor only) Krista Twu 420D Humanities 6598 [email protected]
Environmental Education (MEEd) & (certificate) Julie Ernst 126 SpHC 8241 [email protected]
     Coordinator Lynn McGraw 110 SpHC 7554 [email protected]
Environmental Health and Safety (MEHS) Katherine Schofield 237 VKH 6305 [email protected]
     Coordinator Tracy Shaw 105 VKH 6161 [email protected]
Health Sciences Graduate Programs (AHC) Lester Drewes 241 SMed 7925 [email protected]
     Coordinator   162 SMed 6354 [email protected]
Integrated Biosciences (MS, PhD) Sara Zimmer 325 SMed 6741 [email protected]
     Coordinator Stormi Davis 251 SSB 6898 [email protected]
Linguistics (minor only) Chongwon Park 431 H 7706 [email protected]
Mathematical Sciences (MS) Marshall Hampton 172 SCC 6329 [email protected]
     Coordinator Geraldine Gomes Hughes 140 SCC 8747 [email protected]
Mechanical Engineering (MSME) Alison Hoxie 121 VKH 8957 [email protected]
     Coordinator Tracy Shaw 105 VKH 6161 [email protected]
Music (MM) David Edmund 245 H 8176 [email protected]
     Coordinator Dee Charles 206 CHPk 7890 [email protected]
College of Pharmacy Graduate Programs Jon Rumbley 127 LSci 6047 [email protected]
Physics (MS) Sergei Katsev 230D RLB
384 MWAH
[email protected]
     Coordinator Jeanne Rydberg 371 MWAH 7124 [email protected]
Psychological Science (MA) Catherine Reich 320 BohH 7808 [email protected]
     Coordinator Becky Blackwood 320 BohH 7808 [email protected] 
Professional Studies in Multidisciplinary Research and Creativity (MPS) David Beard (interim) 420P Humanities 8442 [email protected]
     Coordinator Andrea Sande 112 Cina 7953 [email protected]
Social Work (MSW) Wendy Anderson 220 BohH 6784 [email protected]
     Coordinator Kevin Stanke 220 BohH 8497 [email protected]
Tribal Administration and Governance (MTAG) Rebecca Webster 110G Cina 8771 [email protected]
     Coordinator   116 Cina 7332  
Tribal Resource and Environmental Stewardship (MTRES) Rebecca Webster 110G Cina 8771 [email protected]
     Coordinator   116 Cina 7332  

Water Resources Science (MS, PhD)

Jay Austin

Diana Karwan 

374 MWAH (UMD)

Twin Cities Campus



[email protected]

[email protected]


Stormi Davis

Tracy Fallon

251 SSB (UMD)

Twin Cities Campus



[email protected]

[email protected]